About Us


The Broach family has been associated with petroleum marketing for many decades. It began in 1924 when J.S. Broach became the first Sinclair Oil and Refining Company bulk agent in Brazos County. By 1939, he had the largest wholesale petroleum business in Brazos County. He sold the distributorship and entered the grocery and cattle business.

In 1960, J.S. Broach entered the petroleum business again and started Broach Oil Company as a sole proprietorship business. He became the first bulk agent in Texas for Amoco Oil Company selling gasoline, diesel fuel and bulk lubricants.

In 1974, J.S. Broach’s son, Kelley, took over the business when he resigned from the Texas A & M University system and assumed the business assets. Over the next decade, Broach Oil Company became one of the larger wholesale fuel distributors in Texas. In 1982, the company acquired a Shell jobbership and became the largest distributor of Shell products in the eastern part of Texas.

In 1989, the name was changed from Broach Oil Company to BRENCO Marketing Corporation. Donald H. Broach became President and Chief Executive Officer. Under his direction, BRENCO has grown to more than a 65 million gallon a year distributorship.