Our Philosophy

Operations Philosophy

It has been our philosophy for many years to take the role of active owners and investors in our projects. While our facilities are leased out, we do not have a typical landlord – tenant relationship.

We are proud of our facilities and we require them to be clean and well maintained. We have our own in-house repair and maintenance organization and in-house maintenance crews to repair buildings, parking lots, and fuel equipment. We also have our own bucket truck to repair signs and maintain exterior lighting. Additionally, having pressure washers on trailers allows us to go anywhere at any time to keep our facilities clean. Active involvement allows us to react to needed repairs because we can go to the site, make the repairs and deduct those expenses from the tenant’s fuel commission as necessary. In essence, we like to protect our investment.

Our fuel suppliers inspect our facilities on a regular basis. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, we are proud that our overall image inspection and customer service rating with Shell Oil Company was above 90%.

Marketing Philosophy

We do not concentrate our efforts in a particular market. We try to spread our risk out to many markets. This makes us less prone to the volatility in retail pricing and gas wars. With our higher volume locations, we require a company representative to visit our facility at least one time per week to review pricing, sales, and image.

We like to place fuel on consignment and have a profit sharing plan with the store operator. This gives us control of the retail fuel pricing, allows us to remain competitive, and provides better risk management with the operator/lessee.

Controlling the facility gives us a guaranteed outlet for fuel distribution and controlling the retail pricing ensures volume throughput.