Emergency Response Team

BRENCO Marketing Corp. maintains a staff of professionally-trained personnel to assist in hazardous situations. The BRENCO Emergency Response Team, or “BERT,” is equipped to handle all types of cleanups and disposals exclusively for our clients, always making sure to adhere to environmental standards required by the state of Texas. Our clients enjoy the security that comes with knowing that BERT is there with quick disaster response and unrivaled reliability whenever the unexpected occurs.Plus, by maintaining our own fleet of tractors and trailers, our clients save money by allowing us to clean up a spill in a timely manner. As a specialized carrier working with hazardous substances, we place an enormous emphasis on proper, comprehensive training to ensure the health and safety of our trucking crew and all those working around them. All of our drivers receive in-depth training on a continuous basis to minimize risk and prevent life-threatening accidents.In the event of an oil spill, or any other hazardous event, our team is ready to provide rapid solutions to keep our clients moving forward. Please call us at (979) 846-3835.