Services & Solutions

BRENCO Marketing is a well-established industry leader in petroleum solutions serving the entire state of Texas. We specialize and offer assistance in many different areas, such as maintenance of all promotional materials for retail customers; inventory management (dispatch), which is extremely important to our large volume stores; unbranded credit card programs along with credit card network options; and incentive programs to include gasoline-related equipment.All of our clients have the unique advantage of speaking with a real person – not an answering machine – who can politely and efficiently handle all types of requests. We also have an experienced and accessible accounting staff available to help throughout the work week. Our commitment to servicing all spectrums of the industry and maintaining cutting-edge technology sets us above the competition.

Our line of services:driver1

  • Fuel delivery (gas, diesel & agro-fuels)
  • Inventory management
  • Retail branding & brand management
  • Petroleum Marketing Equipment
  • Emergency Response
  • Environmental compliance review
  • OPIS-related pricing
  • Flexible billing solutions

To learn more about our offerings, please contact our office at (979) 260-3835.