Severe Weather Evacuation

BRENCO Marketing recognizes that potentially hazardous conditions may arise anywhere in the state of Texas. In light of this, BRENCO Marketing has a formal evacuation plan in place in the event a hurricane or other natural disaster impacts the Southeast Texas area.The BRENCO Marketing Corporation Hurricane Preparedness and Emergency Operations Plan was developed to protect the lives of our employees and property, as well as provide continued business operations and communication from an off-site location until we are able to resume normal operation. Should we have to evacuate, our Beaumont office will continue running from Bryan, TX, with routes marked for our transports. We also have alternate terminals lined up should the terminals by the coast become affected by the hurricane.

Our Phases of Operation:


Activation begins when a declared tropical storm system enters or forms in the Gulf of Mexico. The plan is implemented at the appropriate stage based on its anticipated effects.


Enacted when a declared tropical storm enters the Gulf of Mexico.

Action(s): Members of BRENCO Marketing’s BMMT and BERT are notified by the President or his designee and placed on alert in order to monitor the threat level (projected path, size, and speed) posed by the system. At this time, preparation of the hurricane will ensue.


Enacted when a declared tropical storm has entered the Gulf of Mexico and South Louisiana or Southeast Texas is within the predicted landfall zone.

Action(s): BRENCO Marketing employees shall be notified and all departments shall implement the preparation phase of their plan. BRENCO Marketing shall remain in this stage until upgraded to phase one or two by the BMMT or the system is deemed no longer a threat to the area at which time the plan will be deactivated.


Enacted when BRENCO Marketing’s employees may experience some of the effects of the system but the system IS NOT expected to cause major, long term, or sustained damage.

Action(s): BRENCO Marketing closure is possible, but evacuation is not expected. All departments must enact their phase one procedures.


Enacted when the system is likely to make direct landfall near Southeast Texas and is expected to cause major, long term, or sustained damage.

Action(s): The BRENCO Marketing offices directly affected by the storm will be closed. All company vehicles will be taken to a secure sight and an evacuation will ensue. All departments must enact their phase two procedures. Employees are advised to evacuate by local officials to an area out of the storm’s path. The BRENCO Marketing employees that volunteer to secure a vehicle will follow the evacuation route, sheltering and return that has been set up by BRENCO Marketing.


Enacted after landfall when sustained wind speeds are less than 30 miles per hour.

Action(s): Employees designated shall begin damage assessment, clean-up efforts, and take action as needed to protect BRENCO Marketing assets. Evacuated employees are to contact their supervisors for return information.


Declared by BRENCO Marketing President or his designee upon resumption of normal operation.

To learn more about our Hurricane Evacuation Please, please contact us today at (979) 260-3835